Nagios Little Shell Script

I used to work for a very strong company in São Paulo — focused on Digital Marketing [Email Marketing] — and I was responsible among other things for monitoring servers and services.
One day we identified the need for some specific DNS monitoring.
So I assembled this little shell script for Nagios. What it does is try and resolve some predefined DNS within a given amount of time. When it fails Nagios gets the alert. Otherwise Nagios gets an ‘OK, we’re alright’.
It was very useful for us to know when our email transmission was being screwed by some network issue on email servers side — it allowed us to slow down or stop transmitting emails to those servers until they got back up online — in the end it used to save us money, time, memory and server processing on our end.
All that just because a simple shellscript.

Being as simple as it is I put it here just because I always like assembling useful, small and simple shellscripts. Linux is fun anytime.

Shebang and variable declaration:


HOSTS[0]="";		DOMAIN[0]="Hotmail"
HOSTS[1]=""	DOMAIN[1]="Hotmail BR"
HOSTS[2]=""		DOMAIN[2]="Gmail"
HOSTS[3]=""		DOMAIN[3]="Yahoo!"
HOSTS[4]=""		DOMAIN[4]="Yahoo! Br"
HOSTS[5]=""		DOMAIN[5]="UOL"
HOSTS[6]=""		DOMAIN[6]="BOL"
HOSTS[7]=""		DOMAIN[7]="Terra"
HOSTS[8]=""		DOMAIN[8]="iG"
HOSTS[9]=""		DOMAIN[9]="Globo"

Here I just check if the script can run the necessary utility:

host=$(which host)	|| err="host";

if [ ! -z "$err" ] ; then
	echo "Error. Command not found: $err"

Here is just a function that gets called if no parameters are passed to the script. The -t parameter is for the query type [here you will find which they are].

	echo "Usage: $0 -t {query type} -W {time out seconds}"

Here it checks if the parameters are empty [parameters are query type and timeout value]:

while getopts t:W: OPTION ; do
	case "$OPTION" in

if [ -z "$t" ] || [ -z "$W" ] ; then

And here is where the action happens. Query is made, timeout is set and DNS is resolved. Or not.

while [ $x != ${#HOSTS[@]} ] ; do

	host -t $t -W $W ${HOSTS[$x]} 1>>/dev/null

	if [ `echo "$?"` -eq 0 ] ; then
		RETURN[${#RETURN[@]}]="$t for ${DOMAIN[$x]} sucessfully resolved."
		RETURN[${#RETURN[@]}]="ERROR: Timeout when resolving $t for ${DOMAIN[$x]}."
	let "x = x + 1"

Once it finishes collecting the DNS checking results [storing them on an array] it sends it to Nagios.

OUTPUT=`echo "${RETURN[@]}" | sed -r "s/\. /\n/g" | grep "ERROR"`

if [ ! -z "$OUTPUT" ] ; then
	echo "$OUTPUT"
	exit 1
	echo "OK"
	exit 0

That’s it. A simple script on a simple language for a simple purpose that solved complicated problems.


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